Still trying to lose that last 20 or more pounds?

Most of the time, losing those last 20 pounds is the most frustrating.  You’d probably eat less if you felt full after eating a small amount of food.  In fact, the essential component of almost every weight-loss surgery – is making the stomach smaller so you eat less to lose weight. You may have often wished there was another, less invasive option to gastric bypass, sleeve gastrectomy,  or gastric banding to lose 20 to 50 pounds or more. Now there is!  The WRAP, as innovated by Dr. Don Waldrep, may be the next generation in less invasive weight-loss surgery.

The new WRAP procedure
state-of-the-art minimally invasive technique

 a few tiny incisions
  •  elegantly change the shape of the stomach
  •  feel 'comfortably full' on much less food
  •  feel less urge to eat randomly
  •  No cutting, dividing, rearranging, or removing intestine
  •  No device to adjust, repair, or replace 
  •  No significant scar
  •  No hospital stay - return home in hours !
  •  Reversible
  •  A world renown experience 

                                                                                                                             individual results may vary